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The word Culture comes up all the time. It is used to emphasize successful and unsuccessful programs, organizations, amateur and pro sports teams. In the 3 decades of Leadership Roles in organizations, I saw first hand really great examples of the impact, discipline and importance this played in great and poor companies and organizations.

In June of 2021 with the help of a few great coaches, mentors, role models and students it was apparent that one of the things needed was to help Owners, Franchisors, Franchisees and Decision Makers (Chiefs) not only to develop great Culture Statement, Strategies but also key tactics to see the actions and behaviors deliver improved, sustainable prosperity. The ability to Align the Culture throughout the organization and eliminate conflicts was key and I believe this to be a difference maker.


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Our Services

Culture 2 Cash Program

The program’s purpose is to help Owners, Franchisors and Franchisees (CHIEFS) create a Culture that identifies behaviors and actions that bring the Culture to life and thru alignment delivers sustainable prosperity.

Franchise Owner Leadership Assessment

Successful franchise professionals agree that having their own franchise executive coach in their corner is one of their biggest keys to success. Take your FREE 10-minute assessment and your Franchise Bible Coach will present your results and suggestions.

Customer Traffic and Sales Building

Systems and techniques that help drive profitable top line sales. From directing the order process, to improving product mix that builds sales and potentially lower costs.

Revenue Impact

A comprehensive look at how all lines of the P&L can relate to a company’s Culture and are interdependent on each other. From industry averaging to if/then opportunities to build long term improvements from profitable top line sales down thru EBITDA and Beyond.

The People Puzzle

A look at the Dynamic Dozen. 12 systems and tools that can build teams and improve retention in a very challenging and or competitive landscape.

Site Location Impact

It is more than just traffic counts and visibility. We look at the demographic, geographic and economic impact studies that help determine site feasibility and the impact on long term prosperity


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